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Easing anxiety
& depression

You’ll learn evidence-based techniques tailored to your needs and interests, including cognitive behavioural strategies, progressive relaxation, and mindfulness techniques, to help you manage symptoms of anxiety and depression. Alongside this, you'll have the opportunity to explore beliefs you hold that may have been bringing angst into your life. We'll also introduce strategies to manage time more effectively – decreasing stress!


We've witnessed couples re-develop connection after having weathered storms such as affairs, separation, addiction, the stress of having young kids, and major disagreements like whether to have children, where to live, and how often (or even how) to have sex. 

We use evidence-based approaches that focus on practical strategies to improve the friendship and connection between you. When conflicts arise, you’ll learn how to find the conversation beneath the conflict and learn new ways to communicate, really hear one another and understand your own and your partner's needs. Throughout, the goal is to teach strategies that create an atmosphere of love and respect so that you are able to maintain positivity between the two of you for the duration of your relationship, not just while you’re in therapy.

Affirming sexuality
& gender

If you’re working out your sexual or gender identity, talking it through and exploring your options with someone who does’t have an agenda but does have a wealth of relevant experience can be hugely progressive.  We know that LGBTQI folks still face unique issues; we offer specialist care to empower you to live authentically, deepen connections, and create a hopeful future. This work is what our practice has become known for Australia-wide

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