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Julie Catt


Julie's therapeutic work has focused on modalities that are client-centred, collaborative and empowering, drawing from evidence-based approaches, including Narrative Therapy and mindfulness / acceptance work, and uses cognitive behavioural strategies and techniques to work with people who struggle with mood and anxiety disorders.

Her areas of interest include working with people managing different family paradigms (step, blended, etc), young people launching from home into the wider community and others going to periods of change or crisis. Julie has particular interest in neuro-divergence, creativity, gender issues, and sexual health.

Julie has a BA in Psychology, with a Minor in Education at Columbia College (cum laude) and a MA in Psychology from Sydney University.

Xanthe Katsouras


Xanthe is a counsellor/therapist who is certified practicing counsellor with PACFA. She has 5 years experience working in the drug and alcohol sector, working with clients presenting with all types of addictions - food, drug, alcohol, sex and love, gambling.

Xanthe’s therapeutic approach is tailored to the client, informed by client centred principles, trauma informed care and a Jungian model of Self. She utilises counselling skills and provides tools to support clients in their recovery.

She also specialises in supporting clients with self-esteem issues and relationship struggles, providing tools and therapeutic support within a framework that recognises the multifaceted nature of the individual.

Her experience with young children, as a caregiver, is also something that she draws on, in the understanding of the family and cultural system within which an individual develops.

Frank Sattler

Clinical Psychologist

Frank is a clinical psychologist from Germany. He has worked in different clinical settings, including inpatient and outpatient clinics and private practice. Frank’s professional interests lie in couples and individual therapy.

With couples, Frank is a Certified Gottman Therapist and uses both the Gottman model and the Doherty approach, which focusses on changing couple interaction patterns. He works with people in monogamous and poly relationships, around topics such as conflicts, boundaries, lack of shared meaning, sexual disorders, and (co-)parenting. Frank offers guidance to individuals who want to improve their relationship without their partner participating in therapy and offers Discernment Counselling to married couples in which one partner is ambivalent about staying together as well as about doing couples therapy, whereas the other is all in.

With individual, Frank uses CBT, narrative, and mindfulness-based approaches working with topics, such as trauma, anxiety, OCD, mood disorders, grief, and ADHD. He provides support to individuals within the LGBTIAQ+ community and helps people dealing with paranormal experiences.

Frank is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS), has a master’s and doctoral degree in Psychology from Marburg University, Germany. He holds German state licences in CBT as a Psychological Psychotherapist and Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist.

He works in English and German and speaks but doesn’t work in Spanish.

Kate Hollobon

Office Manager

Kate (she/her) is an office manager who supports all the psychologists and counselors at Catt + Associates. As she comes from a busy corporate world and is now a mum of 2 school aged children, she thrives on looking after all the clients and making sure everyone gets the support they need. She might not be in the office every day to greet clients but she is only a text, email or a phone call away and she'll do her best to accommodate every client. Reach out to her about anything you need !

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